Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are available for a variety of spaces in the proposed building. Quantity and square footage are currently under final review, and all naming opportunities must be approved by the Board of Regents. 

Naming OpportunityAmountNumber Available
Building Name$14,000,0001
Outdoor Plaza$2,000,0001
Large Conference Room$1,000,000Committed
Teaching Lab$1,000,0001 Committed / 1 Available
Research Lab*$750,0002 Committed / 4 Available
Classroom – 40 seats$750,0001 Committed / 1 Available
Food Safety Intervention$400,000Committed
Seminar Reception/Study Space$400,000Committed
Department Head Office$350,0001
Student Advising Suite$250,000Committed
Teaching Lab Support Room$250,000Committed
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator Office$250,000Committed
Faculty Office$225,0002 Committed / 21 Available
Advising Reception/Study Space$200,000Committed
Support Lab$200,0002
Grad Office$150,0001 Committed / 5 Available
Breakroom/Warming Kitchen$100,000Committed
Small Conference Room$100,0003 Committed
Nutrition Core (oven/muffle)$50,000Committed
Shared Equipment Room$30,0006
Sample Storage/Freezer$30,0002
Collaboration Space$25,0006 Committed / 3 Available

(*) Research Lab Communities Available:

  • Food Safety, Products and Processing (Committed)
  • Genetics, Genomics and Growth Physiology
  • Health and Immunity
  • Nutrition
  • Physiology and Management (Committed)
  • Well-Being and Precision Management